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Embarking on a Folklore Adventure: An Introduction to My Blog


So some of you may be asking, why folklore? Why dredge up old stories from the past? Isn’t it just old fairy tales like Rapunzel and Rumplestiltskin?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by fairy tales, folk tales, and urban myths. I’d scour the library for every book or movie I could find on witches eating children or little princes turned into swans or young girls battling monsters with eyes in their hands. I fell in love with these stories, and I’m still enamored by them today. I want to share my passion for these tales with you, the reader, both in this post and (hopefully) throughout my blog. Because, as I got older, my horizons expanded from books to the internet. I could find even more (and even darker) tales and myths from all around the world.

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Folklore in Different Countries, Cultures, and People

While reading these stories, I discovered just how much I could learn about different countries and their people. The language, the customs, the traditions, everything was a reflection of that particular country’s culture. Surprisingly, Cinderella, one of the most popular fairy tales, had various versions of her losing her shoes (or other items) in places like China, Africa, England, Egypt, and even a Native American tale.

Even America, where I’m from, has its own various urban legends scattered in bridges and abandoned buildings across all the states. Hell’s Gate Bridge in Alabama, The Ghosts of Slaughterhouse Canyon in Arizona, Hannah Cranna in Connecticut, or The Lady in White in Illinois. All of these carry their own history and culture of the state with them.

Folktales Are Everywhere

Folktales have also had a huge impact on popular culture, serving as inspiration for countless works of creativity such as movies, books, games, music, and art. Retellings and modern adaptations abound in movies and books, especially within the empire giant that is the Walt Disney Co. For instance, Snow White was the very first fully animated movie, and Cinderella, which was so popular that it saved the company from going bankrupt, are classic examples. Moveover, original tales from them such as Moana or Encanto continue to captivate audiences.

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This isn’t to say folktales are limited to the real of children’s entertainment. Look at the dark and beautiful works of Guillermo del Toro, his fascination with ghosts and fairy tales transcends in all his movies and art. Pan’s Labyrinth, with its intricate creature design and darkly enchanting forested set, is probably the first movie that comes to mind when you think of a dark fairy tale type of movie.

And when you go into the world of fantasy video games, you can get really personally ingrained in the world. The Witcher series with it’s RPG playability, fighting dragons, ghouls, and other beasts. Or the God of War series, where you can battle both the Roman gods as well as Norse.

When entering the world of fantasy video games, players can become deeply immersed in the gameplay. For example, The Witcher series offers RPG gameplay and allows players to battle dragons, ghouls, and other beasts. Similarly, in the God of War series, players can engage in battles with both Roman and Norse gods.

Come Along on the Adventure

Folktales aren’t just old stories from the past. They’re living, breathing reflections of who we are as people and what we value. They’re a means of learning about other cultures and a way to preserve our history and traditions. Folktales can be funny, scary, romantic, or tragic, but they all have one thing in common: they’re windows into the human experience. So join me on this adventure, and we’ll explore these worlds.

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